Soreze Gel 50g skin protectant for prevention of bedsores or decubitus pressure ulcers (Pack of 3)
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Soreze Gel 50g skin protectant for prevention of bedsores or decubitus pressure ulcers (Pack of 3)

Soreze Gel is India’s one of its kind silicone-based skin care product for prevention of bedsores also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores. Soreze works by forming a thin, long-lasting, water repellent, breathable, protective barrier film on skin that reduces friction and makes skin smooth.

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Bedsores also known as pressure ulcers which develop as a result of injury to skin and underlying tissues after prolonged exposure to pressure on the skin. This is the reason why most bedsores develop in that area of the skin that cover bony areas such as tailbone, elbows, heels, ankles etc. as the bones can add to the pressure on the skin.

This condition is commonly found in people who are bed-ridden, immobile for a long, unconscious or unable to sense pain or they may have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, very low blood pressure, paralysis and other physical conditions that limit their mobility. 

Bedsores initially start as a red, painful spot which eventually turns purple due to the lack of oxygen. If left untreated, they can become infected and even spread to the surrounding muscles and bones. Most bedsores heal with treatment but it is best to prevent bedsores from happening. 

Causes of bedsores?
  • Pressure on skin –When a person is bedridden, there is constant pressure on the skin owing to lying down and being in the same position for prolonged periods. This constant pressure especially on the bony surfaces adversely affects the blood circulation leading to lack of oxygen and nutrients thus damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Friction – Friction is created when skin, that is already susceptible to damage, rubs against clothing or bedding. It can result in bedsores and this probability increases if the skin is moist. 
  • Shear – Shear happens when skin and bone move in opposite directions. When a person slides downs, the tailbone moves downward while the skin above it doesn’t. This causes damage to the skin and underlying tissues in that area.
How can bedsores be prevented?

By carefully monitoring bedridden patients, bedsores can be effectively managed or even prevented. This includes inspecting the skin for signs of redness, especially the skin covering bony areas. Simple measures listed below can help in prevention:

  • Repositioning - Repositioning and turning the patient every 2-3 hours on bed is one of the primary practices in effective prevention of bedsores. This ensures proper blood circulation and helps in preventing prolonged pressure in a particular area of the body. If the patient is wheelchair bound, helping them sit upright and change position every few minutes to facilitate blood flow.
  • Support surfaces - Installation of soft padding on bed or wheelchairs to reduce pressure on skin. Using air-mattresses or water beds also help in diffusing pressure on skin.
  • Skin care - Ensuring proper skin care by keeping the skin dry and clean lessens the probability of friction which is a major risk factor for bedsores. Use of barrier skincare products that reduce friction on skin and inhibits direct contact of skin with bedding/ clothing or urine or other body fluids help in prevention of bedsores.
  • Nutrition - Providing good nutrition with enough calories and adequate proteins is also crucial as nutrition plays a pivotal part in healing irrespective of other topical and care measures.

SOREZE Gel is a skin protectant and soothing composition made of silicone elastomers and poly siloxanes using patented Elastomer Potentiated Barrier (EPB) technology for prevention of bedsores. Within few seconds of application SOREZETM dries to form a long lasting, flexible, water repellent and protective anti-friction film. This film reduces friction between skin and clothing / bedding thereby helps prevention of bedsores (also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores or decubitus ulcers). SOREZE protects skin exposed to irritation from moisture such as sweat, urine and faecal matter.

The protective barrier film helps relieve skin irritation or redness in pressure prone areas and prevents it from developing into bedsores. When applied to the groin and buttocks area (perianal area) the water repellent film protects skin exposed to irritation from urine and faecal matter thus prevents moisture or incontinence associated skin damage. Its recommended to use Soreze along with an air mattress or water beds or other bedsore prevention techniques for complete protection from Bed Sores. 

Key features of Soreze are:

  • Protective action starts in less than 30 seconds and lasts more than 8 hours
  • Its breathable, non-greasy, non-medicated and non-allergenic
  • Suited to India’s hot and humid tropical climate
  • No harmful chemicals, dyes, colours, preservatives or animal origin substances used
  • Tested for skin biocompatibility as per US FDA guidelines
  • Dermatologically tested and its safe for daily use
  • Supports repositioning even when patient is on air mattresses and water bed

  Clean and dry bedsore prone area as shown in diagram below

  Take small quantity and spread uniformly over bedsore prone areas

  Allow it to dry for 30 seconds

  Apply 2-3 times daily

Elderly people or patient with Mobility issues for prevention of bedsores:

  1. Stroke/ Paralysis
  2. Patients on oxygen/ BiPap/ ventilator
  3. Post-surgical case with limited mobility
  4. Neuro surgery
  5. Orthopedic patients on complete bed rest and/or with reduced mobility
  6. Terminally ill patients e.g. coma, patients on life support systems, etc.
  7. Bedridden patients or patients on wheelchairs
  8. Long hospitalisation cases

Silicone elastomers, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, starch and silicates

SOREZE is formulated using unique EPB technology patented in India. SOREZE contains silicone elastomers which are solids with elastic properties. Elastomers are characterized by high elongation and flexibility or elasticity of the film thus prevents breaking or cracking of the film and gives long lasting protection. Silicone elastomers are used widely in healthcare and Pharma applications such as pacifiers, medical prostheses, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, etc due to their excellent thermal and chemical resistance and most importantly well documented safety.

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