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Soreze Spray, 50ml, Prevent Bed (Skin) Sores and Diaper Rashes with Ease (Pack of 2)

Easy to apply Soreze spray is India’s first of its kind silicone-based bed (skin) sore and diaper rash prevention spray. Its alcohol-free no-sting formula protects skin from friction, shear and body fluids by forming water-repellent barrier film on skin. Lemon grass oil fortified formula that soothes and protects skin. Its suitable for all age groups and skin types.

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About Bed (Skin) Sores

Bed(Skin) Sores also known as pressure ulcers which develop as a result of injury to skin and underlying tissues after prolonged exposure to pressure on the skin. This is the reason why most Bed(Skin) Sores develop in that area of the skin that cover bony areas such as tailbone, elbows, heels, ankles etc. as the bones can add to the pressure on the skin.

This condition is commonly found in people who are bed-ridden, immobile for a long, unconscious or unable to sense pain or they may have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, very low blood pressure, paralysis and other physical conditions that limit their mobility. 

Bed(Skin) Sores initially start as a red, painful spot which eventually turns purple due to the lack of oxygen. If left untreated, they can become infected and even spread to the surrounding muscles and bones. Most Bed(Skin) Sores heal with treatment but it is best to prevent Bed(Skin) Sores from happening. 


About Adult Diaper Rashes or IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis)

Adult diaper rash often occurs as a result of wearing adult diapers, incontinence briefs, or pads. Diaper rash often referred to as diaper dermatitis or incontinence rash or IAD (incontinence-associated dermatitis) is inflammation of the skin caused by the wet skin, rubbing (friction) from the diaper, and contact with chemicals in the urine and stool. Diaper rash starts as little, pink patches of irritated skin and advances to bigger patches of red, raised painful bumps with an encompassing rash. While diaper rashes are uncomfortable, they are not a serious problem. They can be managed at home with topical preparations available over the counter (OTC). 

The presence of urine and stool (feces) causes a rise in pH, which negatively affects skin’s barrier function as well as increasing the risk of infection. Friction to the skin causes physical irritation, which results in weakened skin. Diaper rash and the infections associated with it can also be caused by:

·       Poor genital hygiene.

·       Allergic reactions or flare-ups related to chemicals, dyes, or fragrances found in detergents used to wash underwear.

·       Chronic or severe rubbing.

Allergic reactions to dyes, perfumes, or other substances found in diapers, personal hygiene wipes, or lubricants. 

SOREZE SPRAY is no-sting and no-sticky skin protectant barrier film made of polysiloxanes and dimethicones to prevent bed/ skin sores in bed-ridden people and diaper rashes. Its alcohol-free formula is easy to apply and upon quickly dries to form a long lasting, water repellent protective barrier film that reduces friction and inhibits direct contact between skin and clothing or bed sheet.


The protective barrier film helps relieve skin irritation or redness in pressure prone areas and prevents it from developing into bed (skin) sores. It can be used along with air mattresses or other bed (skin) sore prevention techniques as it complements the benefits provided by them thus providing complete protection from skin (bed) sores in bed-ridden or wheel chair bound people.


The no-sting spray when applied on the groin and buttocks area forms water-repellent barrier film. This film protects skin exposed to irritation from urine, stool and other body fluids thus prevents diaper rashes or also known as incontinence associated dermatitis.


Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Lemon grass oil help protecting skin and provides soothing fragrance.


It is preservative, colour and alcohol-free product and safe for all ages


Key features


·        Spray formula is easy to apply without touch

·        Alcohol free no-sting and no-sticky formula

·        Protective action starts in less than a minute

·        Long lasting film ensure long protection

·        Non-greasy, non-medicated and non-allergenic

·        Suited for India’s hot and humid tropical climate

·        No harmful chemicals, colours, preservatives or animal origin substances

·        Safe for daily use on all skin types at all ages

1.    Clean and dry pressure or diaper rash prone skin

2.     Shake well before application

3.     Hold the spray nozzle 4-6 inches away from skin

4.     Spray (by pressing nozzle) until the skin area to be protected is covered

5.     Wait until the barrier film is dry

6.     Use 2-3 times daily

·       Pressure prone areas

(Show visually using vectors four positions – Supine (on back), Prone (on stomach), Right lateral recumbent (on right side), Left lateral recumbent (on left side)

·       Diaper rash prone areas

(Show visually using vectors)

·       In between skin folds that are prone to rashes




Lemongrass Oil


Customer Reviews

Freyana on 26 Jan 2023

Works superb!

This product has helped prevent bed sores for my mother. It is a saviour and has given relief to my mum.

Tejal Jadhav on 19 Jan 2023

Best Product !!

I have purchased this product for my Grandfather & it works like Magic. As he is bedridden, he suffers from bedsores, but this spray helps him alot. Thankyou team Soreze for making such great product .

Bhavana Sharma on 18 Jan 2023

Amazing Spray

Very effective spray for elders. Must try.

Anil on 12 Jan 2023

Good Product

Good and effective Product