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About Us

Relentless Commitment to Optimise Product Development

Amaterasu Lifesciences was founded in Dec 2016 by a woman entrepreneur who is passionate about providing simple solutions to complicated healthcare problems with excellence in scientific research. We are a R&D based healthcare company endeavouring to build value by developing specialised drug delivery platforms to fulfil unmet clinical, patient and consumer needs. We bring together dynamic design methodology and rigorous scientific research to develop unique products and technologies. We specialise in incremental innovation to develop new products and technologies that provide end-user benefits. We are recognised as Start-up company by DPIIT (Department of Promotion of Industries and Intellectual Trade, Govt of India).

Amaterasu believes in breaking boundaries, innovating and building value for all its stakeholders. We are ethical, dependable, trustworthy and will always try to find the best solutions for our customers and business partners.

Healthcare Company


Enriching Lives Through Incremental Innovation

To be recognized as an innovative R&D based company in the pharmaceutical and healthcare domain. We strive to prevent and alleviate human suffering with novel products and technologies through value-added incremental innovations driven by the rigorous scientific research, customer understanding and creativity of our team.

Sorezecare Vision


Fostering Long Term Partnerships for Sustainable Growth

We believe collaboration is a powerful business tool, for us it’s a way of life. By combining the effort and expertise of different organisations, we are better able to innovate, grow and increase our competitiveness on many levels. With various industry, academic and governmental collaborations we aim to improve our productivity and contain the cost of development.

In our effort to bring new products and technologies from laboratory models to commercialisation we have collaborated with various partners. Our partners support us and work with us to fulfil the vision that we have for each technology so that we can translate these from bench to market.

  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai – Early stage research and proof of concept (POC) studies and Intellectual property generation
  • Bio Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratories (BIORIIDL) – Incubation partner
  • Contract Research Organisations – For pre-validation studies, pre-clinical and clinical studies and scale-up of the POC studies to develop Chemistry and manufacturing controls for product registrations
  • Contract Manufacturing Organisation and Other Partners – For commercial supply chain of our products
  • Co-development Partners – For some of our projects we work on the co-development model to bring products from concept to commercialisation stage with each partner taking selected responsibility to ensure seamless execution for faster market access.
SorezeCare Collaborations

EPB Technology

Tailored to Deliver Excellence in Skincare

We apply our scientific expertise to deliver useful solutions for consumer healthcare. Our patented Elastomer Potentiated Barrier (EPB) Technology or popularly called as Protective Layer Technology is one such example of our efforts in providing healthy skin thus all-day skin protection. The uniquely designed EPB technology combines the benefits of Silicone elastomers and polysiloxanes that are blended together to form a thin protective layer on the skin that reduces friction by ~ 80% and provides all day long protection to the skin.

The protective layer thus formed is non medicated, non-allergenic and water repellent with potential for application in moisturization, anti-chafing, scar treatment, wound care, anti-bed sores formulations etc. It seamlessly integrates into different types of skin care product and also with various natural or synthetic ingredients. EPB technology is protected by national and international patents.

SorezeCare EPB Technology

Our Founder

The company’s founder, Maharukh T Rustomjee is a pharmaceutical design scientist, idea innovator and value builder with more than 35 years of experience in research and development, pharmaceutical product innovation, product formulation, manufacturing innovation and regulatory sciences.

In a career spanning 35 years, she has worked with leading organizations like Novartis, Ciba-Geigy, GSK and Burroughs Welcome, going on to co-found Rubicon Research – India’s pioneering contract research and drug delivery company. She is currently the Founder and Managing Partner of Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP, which is her second entrepreneurial venture. She is an inventor of numerous patents and has also co-edited a book on Pharmaceutical Development.

She is published widely, authored a book and holds numerous patents. She has spearheaded several drug delivery technology projects and built a strong intellectual property knowledge base. She has won several awards individually and for the organizations she has been associated with and is a leading voice in the Indian and international healthcare and pharmaceutical community.

Maharukh T Rustomjee - SorezeCare Founder